The Executive Academy

The Executive Academy is the place to go for skill, business acumen and further expertise, beyond the standard management / executive education programs many colleges and universities offer today.

Key Benefits:

  • Using an array of state of the art assessment tools, understand your behavioral styles and how they determine your natural leadership style
  • Learn how to identify behavioral styles in others, enabling better understanding of how to lead team members in a way that gets the most out of their performance
  • Based on understanding the behavioral styles of others, get more organizational work done, by assigning the right work to the right individual

Who Should Attend:

  • High potential leaders that are targeted for more senior levels of leadership in the organization

Program Dates: Cohort 2021

  • Session 1 - August 10-11, 2020, Atlanta
  • Session 2 - November 9-10, 2020, Atlanta
  • Session 3 – Feb, March, April 2021,  Timeframe, Location: TBA
  • Session 4 and Graduation – May, June 2021, Timeframe, Location: TBA
The quintessential academy for the skill and leadership development of Executives