The Executive Academy

The quintessential academy for the skill and leadership development of Executives

Why might a person attend the ITSMF Executive Academy?

Possible Scenarios

You are a manager / executive with significant responsibilities and your organization has great expectations of you.

You are good at what you do now or have done in the past, but the game is played at a quicker pace, requiring snap decisions often based on limited facts and data.
You see the need for knowledge, skill and insight has intensified in the management / executive ranks, beyond the standard set of skills and competencies that got you to this point.
Weighing your current portfolio of talents and skills, you are good, but you want to be better, not just good.

The Executive Academy is the place to go for skill, business acumen and further expertise, beyond the standard management / executive education programs many colleges and universities offer today.

What are the Vision and Mission Statements for the ITSMF Educational

Vision Statement

To significantly increase executives of color in leadership positions in the information technology industry

Mission Statement

To become the premier organization for the development of IT executives of color. This will be accomplished by providing a variety of academically-sound, business-oriented, and intellectually stimulating educational and leadership initiatives that allow the participants to increase their knowledge and proficiencies

What Are The Criteria For Admission Into The Executive Academy?

The requirements for admittance into the 9-month leadership development program are:


Currently a member of the Information Technology Senior Management Forum (ITSMF)


Currently in an executive band position


An alumni of either the ITSMF Protégé’ program, ITSMF EMERGE Academy or the ITSMF Management Academy

What Is The Value Proposition For Organizations Considering Enrolling An
Executive Participant?

The ITSMF has invested over a decade of planning and execution into an executive leadership development program that is comprised of lesson’s and content, that we believe cannot be found anywhere else.

We do not try to regurgitate content from or compete with the plethora of high-quality Business School programs or the excellent group of executive education programs.”

We teach managers / executives how to maximize their
contribution to the enterprise by being able to get work done by understanding styles and getting people to do work, that they enjoy, value and want to do effectively and competently.

What Is The Time Commitment Required To Successfully Complete The Executive

The Executive Academy is constructed to be an “educational experience” and as such, does not require extensive amount of time away from the classroom sessions, for reading or homework.

The learning takes place in the classroom setting.

What Are The Expectations of Participant by the Academy Director?

“It is my expectation that the executive student will fully engage the education process, by completing the syllabus content, reflecting on the material and information studied, and attend each of the four in-person sessions, energized, excited about the learning experience, and a willing participant in the lecture and discussion process.”

Dr. Michael L. McCrimmon

How Is The Executive Academy Structured?

The ITSMF Executive Academy is a nine-month program, that focuses on the enhancement of mid-manager and executive performance and leadership development skills.

There are “in-person” classroom sessions, where content and topics are presented in lecture format, debated and discussed, in a small 10-15 person group of peers and colleagues.

The content consists of a mix of current business thinking from some of the greatest thinkers in leadership development and executive “play”.

Additionally, there is a considerable amount of work based on the use of assessments as a tool to understand “self”, in addition to use as a vehicle to optimize the performance of people in the enterprise.
The fourth in-person session has no pre-work content. This session is the highlight of the program as members of the Executive Academy faculty present over two days of lectures, about their career journeys, lessons learned and invaluable, intimate disclosure of career experiences.

What Is The Process For Admittance Into the Executive Academy?

1. Complete the online ITSMF Executive Academy application for admission prior to the cohort deadline (see Appendix A). This is extremely important as every year, the Academy reaches full capacity of 15 participants in the Cohort. We expect the
applications completed to exceed the amount of seats available this year.

2. All applications are reviewed and approvals are made within 24 hours of receipt of the application.

3. Accepted participants immediately receive detailed information about the program and planning information for the nine month program.

How Do I Apply For The Executive Academy?

1. Complete the ITSMF Executive Academy Cohort Application Form

Academy Logistics

Classroom Sessions

There are four classroom learning sessions in the program.
For Cohort 2020, sessions 1, 2 and 3, students will fly into Atlanta on Sunday afternoons, having completed any assigned pre-

The participants will socialize with each other and the
Academy director in a relaxed setting.

Class begins Monday and Tuesday mornings with breakfast served at 7:30 am. A working lunch is included and all sessions will classroom sessions are scheduled to conclude at 5:00 pm.

Session 4 takes place in May or June, culminating with two days of content and a formal graduation ceremony (location and date to be determined).

Hotel Location and Accomodations

The Executive Academy sessions, in conjunction with the other two ITSMF Global Institute for Professional Development (GIPD) academies (The EMERGE Academy and the Management Academy) will be conducted at the Atlanta Airport Gateway Marriott Conference Center adjoining Atlanta’s Hartsfield- Jackson Airport, a tram ride from baggage claim to the hotel facility. No car rental is required.

The logistics are designed such that all students should be able to catch flights home around the 5:00 pm timeframe. This has been designed to allow participants to invest maximum time on leadership development, while allowing three days in the office or focused on their current work responsibilities.

We believe this approach to getting work done via effectively leading people provides a tremendous
competitive advantage to the business enterprise, that has invested in executive talent through attendance at the Executive Academy”
Dr. Michael L. McCrimmon
The Executive Academy

In short, the ITSMF Executive Academy will:

Allow the participant to receive invaluable insight into the realities and expectations of performance and competency in both the mid-management and executive ranks

Identify individual gaps in competencies through expert assessment from executive coaches and mentors

Help the participant clearly understand and embrace what’s truly required to flourish at either the mid-management or executive level and progress to higher ranks

Grow the participant’s insights and help them navigate successfully by leveraging the advice and counsel of their assigned executive mentors

Give the participant tools and knowledge on how to build coalitions and collaborate among other leaders across an organization


Cohort 2020
Session Dates

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23 January 2016
• Session 1 - August 12-13, 2019, Atlanta
• Session 2 - November 11-12, 2019, Atlanta
• Session 3 – April 1-2, 2020, Atlanta
• Session 4 – Late May / Early June timeframe, TBD


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